The Eden Club events calendar offers the chance to sample the best of the world’s golf

The Eden Club has been offering something unique to golfers since its formation in 1997. The base for The Eden Club is Pittormie Castle. This is much more than a ‘clubhouse’. Pittormie is a baronial home, dating from the Middle Ages. The castle was gifted to Ludovic of Lennox in 1596 and has a long and illustrious history. In 2005, Pittormie underwent a complete renovation under the expert eye of Historic Scotland and is now the perfect home for The Eden Club.

Pittormie is situated on the doorstep of St Andrews, within easy reach of the world famous stages of Carnoustie, Kingsbarns and The Old Course. It is also ideally located for the international membership of The Eden Club; being within easy reach of Edinburgh Airport and the private airport at Leuchars.

The ideal starting point for anyone wishing to find out more about The Eden Club is the organisation’s website Membership of the club is by invitation. The membership of The Eden Club is drawn from individuals that belong to other private clubs around the world. This gives the club a uniquely international flavour. Nevertheless, The Eden Club welcomes enquiries from anyone interested in exploring what The Eden Club has to offer. The website enables people to request further information.

The Eden ClubThe events calendar is of particular interest. One of the most exciting things about being a member of The Eden Club is that it provides the opportunity to play competitively at some of the world’s best locations. For instance, November is when The Eden Club Couples’ Cup takes place. The venue of choice for this competition is always the Caribbean. This year, members of The Eden Club will compete at two of the best courses on the beautiful island of Bermuda. In previous years, the competition has been held in the Bahamas and Barbados.

Earlier this year, members of The Eden Club from all over the world flew ‘home’ to Pittormie for the Founders Cup. This convivial, yet keenly contested competition is one of the highlights of the year for club members.

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