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The Eden Club members get excellent service within a historic setting

The Eden Club offers golfers and their families something unique. The Eden Club was established in 1997 and since then has gone from strength to strength – thanks to the blend of innovative services the club offers. Keen golfers of all levels of ability will find plenty of interest within The Eden Club Schedule of Events. These events include competitions that take place in some of the best-known locations in the golfing world. These events are keenly contested by members of The Eden Club and their guests. At the same time however, they offer a superb opportunity for socialising and meeting likeminded people.

Anther big draw of The Eden Club is its Secretariat Service. The Seven’s Privileges package offered by the club will be of interest to any golfer looking for a convenient way to sample some of the world’s most prestigious golfing venues. Under this package, members of The Eden Club get seven nights’ accommodation at any of the world’s greatest golf resorts or private golf clubs with accommodation. Members of The Eden Club also get seven complimentary rounds of golf each year under this package.

Key to the success of The Eden Club is the fact that members are able to enjoy the facilities on offer at Pittormie Castle. This former baronial home has a long and illustrious history. It was the ancient home of the Dukes of Fife – having been presented to Ludovic of Lennox at the end of The Eden Clubthe 16th Century. After having fallen into a state of considerable disrepair by the latter half of the 20th Century, The Eden Club undertook a full restoration programme in 2005 under the guidance of Historic Scotland. Members of The Eden Club are lucky to be able to use Pittormie as their club base.

The location of Pittormie Castle is also ideal. The Eden Club home is situated in the North East of what was traditionally referred to as the Kingdom of Fife. The Eden Club has an international membership base and Pittormie Castle is usefully located just a few minutes drive away from Leuchars private airbase. Dundee Airport is 15 minutes away and Edinburgh Airport can be reached within an hour. The Eden Club members can also make use of convenient rail links to Edinburgh and London. Most importantly, Pittormie Castle is located just a few minutes drive from the home of golf, St Andrews.

The Eden Club offers superb facilities in St Andrews

It seems strange that up until 1997, St Andrews did not have a world-class private members golfing facility. This all changed with the founding of The Eden Club. A number of factors combine to make membership The Eden Club such an interesting prospect. The Eden Club can be seen as a truly international club. Membership of this organisation is designed to complement membership of a ‘home’ club. As a consequence of this, members come from all over the world. What’s more, membership of The Eden Club enables individuals to sample the very best of world golf. This is especially the case for those members who sign up for the Seven’s Privileges package. Under this arrangement, a member of The Eden Club is entitled to seven nights’ accommodation at his or her choice of golfing resorts and/or private golf clubs in addition to seven complimentary rounds of golf each year.

Another big draw of membership of The Eden Club is its association with St Andrews. The Eden Club base is Pittormie Castle. Situated just a few minutes’ drive from St Andrews, this former baronial home is ideal for accessing everything in and around the ancient home of golf – including the world famous classic courses, Kingsbarns, Carnoustie and the Old Course. It is also just a relatively short distance away from the cultural centre of Edinburgh.

The Eden ClubEverything that Pittormie has to offer is showcased at The Eden Club’s flagship event, The Founder’s Cup. Male and female participants contest this and members of The Eden Club can invite guests to partake as well. So far as the golf is concerned, the competition consists of three rounds contested over three days at Kingsbarns, Carnoustie and the Old Course. Equally as important however, is the camaraderie involved. Pittormie Castle provides the ideal location for catching up with old friends – and making new ones. The social highlight of the event is The Eden Club Gala Dinner where Pittormie plays host to a memorable evening of food, drink and entertainment.

Anyone wishing to find out more about The Eden Club can do so by visiting its website www.theedenclub.com . Although The Eden Club avoids snobbishness and prides itself on a welcoming outlook, membership is by invitation only. Readers can however, request further information direct from The Eden Club via an online form.

The Eden Club has the perfect clubhouse in the heart of Scotland

Wherever they come from in the world, members of The Eden Club can call Pittormie Castle ‘home’. This fairytale building dates from the Middle Ages and was restored in 2005. It provides the perfect base for The Eden Club. Potential members of The Eden Club can find out more about this magnificent building and what the club has to offer by visiting the club’s website www.theedenclub.com.

The Eden Club offers members the perfect blend of ancient and modern. For one thing, the membership is truly international and is made up of members of private golf clubs from across the world. The Eden Club Secretariat service is unique. As part of the Seven’s Privileges membership package, members of The Eden Club have the opportunity to enjoy the facilities of some of the world’s finest golfing resorts.

Pittormie Castle is more than simply a ‘clubhouse’ for the members of The Eden Club. This unique building is situated in the heart of The Kingdom of Fife. It is set in beautiful and secure private gardens, which provide a fantastic arena for both relaxation and entertaining.

The Eden ClubWhen staying at Pittormie Castle, members of The Eden Club are fortunate to be situated just a few minutes’ drive from three of the world’s most famous golf courses. These are, of course, The Old Course, Carnoustie and Kingsbarns in St Andrews.

Pittormie Castle also happens to be ideally situated for members of The Eden Club flying in from locations across the world. The castle is situated just 45 minutes from Edinburgh Airport. It is also a very short drive from the local private airport at Leuchars.

Members of The Eden Club also find that Pittormie is the ideal base for non-golfing activities. There is certainly plenty to do for non-golfing members of the family and for those members who wish to take some time away from the links. The staff at Pittormie are more than happy to cater to the needs of members of The Eden Club and their guests. This includes organising excursions and activities to guarantee a truly memorable stay.